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Tongue Thrust in Children

What is it?  A tongue thrust is one type of “orofacial myofunctional disorder,” which just means the movement of the face and mouth is abnormal. In the case of a tongue thrust, it refers to the abnormal pushing movement of a person’s tongue during eating, drinking, and speaking.   Why does it happen?  Great question. There […]

Food Chaining 101: Expanding your picky eater’s food variety

What is Food Chaining?  Food chaining is a method that helps a child feel safe with a wider variety of foods. There could be many reasons that your child has developed aversions to certain foods including stomach pain from an undiagnosed allergy, an inability to physically swallow certain consistencies, early experiences with feeding tubes, or a […]

Pacifier Use – When do you stop?

This question has popped up more and more over the last five to ten years as additional research has been released. Many new parents are wondering, “When should I take away their pacifier?”  Pacifiers fulfill the need of a new baby’s innate sucking instinct. For older children, they offer a sense of security and comfort. In both […]

Fun and Free Learning Websites for Kids

As a parent of young children, I try to limit the amount of time spent on electronics. At the same time, I understand that my children’s future is going to be filled with far more technology than I can even imagine. I decided that if they are going spend time on iPads or computers, I […]

Targeting Vocabulary with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children

Research demonstrates that vocabulary knowledge is directly related to overall language development, academic and professional success. Building vocabulary knowledge is essential to becoming a successful reader. Vocabulary assists in teaching phonological skills, which are necessary to become proficient at decoding (applying letter-sound knowledge to correctly pronounce written words). Vocabulary also allows for the development and […]

Early Intervention in Children with Hearing Loss

 Children with hearing loss benefit greatly from early identification and amplification. When identified at birth, aided around three months, and in therapy around six months, children with hearing loss are likely to develop age appropriate speech and language skills. A child using amplification such as hearing aids or a cochlear implant can ‘hear’ however they […]

Speech and language services in the schools

OK. You just received a letter in the mail from the school saying your child is being referred for speech and language testing and services. So now you’re probably thinking “what is a Speech Pathologist and what do they do? What is this “testing/evaluation” going to look like for my kid?”  Let’s break it all down, starting with who will begin this process […]

Navigating the IEP Process

We know that the beginning of the year can be stressful. For some parents, needing an IEP for their child can add additional stress and anxiety. Navigating the IEP process can seem daunting, but with the right information and knowledge of your rights and the rights of your child, you can be well prepared for […]

Targeting Articulation at Home for Parents

Happy summer! With schools being closed, we get so many questions from parents asking us how to work with their child during the break. Likewise, we get many parents of office clients inquiring about how to work on speech sounds with their child outside of their assigned speech appointment. Working outside of therapy to improve […]

Slimy Speech!

Slime making kits are everywhere in stores. My own kids beg to make slime all the time, and the children I see in therapy love my “speech slime days”. Not only is slime a great sensory activity, I have also found tons of ways to incorporate speech and language activities into our sessions using slime. […]