About Us

Curlee Communication is East Tennessee’s largest speech pathology private practice, serving clients since 1981. We serve over 1,400 children in schools and over 200 children in our office, homes, daycares, and preschools.

We are owned and operated by Deborah Curlee Hall, M.A., CCC-SLP, a certified speech pathologist, and are committed to providing high quality speech-language evaluation and therapy services to our clients in the Knoxville and East Tennessee community.

Our clients are mostly pediatric and are located in Knoxville, Tennessee and attend one of the 16 surrounding East Tennessee area school systems. We serve clients in their homes, preschools, and daycares in the Knoxville and surrounding areas as well as Upper East Tennessee. We also enjoy serving our clients at our conveniently located West Knoxville office.

We serve children as young as “Birth to 3” in Early Intervention and are the largest provider/vendor for Tennessee Early Intervention Services (TEIS). We also see preschool, school-age children and adults with a variety of speech, language, swallowing, feeding, fluency, voice, auditory and language-processing disorders, and other communication disorders.