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Sidekick is East Tennessee’s largest speech pathology private practice, serving clients since 1981. We also offer Occupational Therapy (OT) Services.

We serve over 2,000 children in our office, homes, daycares, and schools.

Our Services


We offer free speech and language screenings to determine if a child is developing speech/language skills appropriately or if a speech and/or language evaluation is needed.


An evaluation is a longer (30 minutes-2+ hours) and more formal, standardized assessment that can include one or more standardized tests, providing standardized scores and age-equivalents of the child’s speech and language.


A treatment session is typically 30 minutes, one or more times a week, that focuses on goals identified as a result of the evaluation. Sessions are based on the individual child’s needs and parents can help with carry over in activities at home.


We are so incredibly thankful for Deborah L. Curlee Communication Consultants. The quality of both speech & feeding services we have received over the years has been second to none. From day one, we felt confident in the treatment plan provided, & our daughter made steady progress in both arenas. Our SLP was with us every step of the way, finding ways to meet our daughter where she was & helping her take that next big step forward. We began our journey with no words & eating nothing, & today I have a chatterbox who can’t wait for her next trip to Chick-Fil-A. We wouldn’t be doing any of this without the incredible help from her SLP. You can tell it’s so much more than a job – she loves seeing our children succeed, & as a parent, that’s exactly who I want working with my child.

Rachel H

The support the girls have received has been excellent. The therapists have taken the time to get to know my girls and with the one-on-one instruction, the girls have made remarkable progress.

Patti Q

Almost within weeks I could see a huge difference in my child in getting individual therapy services with Curlee.  This company goes above and beyond their duties, and I have been deeply touched by how much these therapists care for my son and the communication to both me and his teacher about progress and ways we can help him at home and school.

Emily M.

I have been delighted with the care and expertise provided not only to my son but also to his teachers and family.  Having observed firsthand the dramatic improvement in my son and his ultimate graduation from speech therapy altogether has convinced me, without a doubt, of the tremendous value that speech pathologists of Deborah Curlee Communication Consultant’s caliber can provide.

Dr. S.

After having therapy with Curlee Communication Consultants and the wonderful and knowledgeable therapists there, John now talks all the time.  His preschool teacher he now talks so much she had to ask him not to talk during rest time.  Before his speech/language therapy, he hadn’t even spoken a word at Sunday School or his preschool program. 

June B.

Deborah Curlee Communication Consultants is an exceptional private practice speech therapy company in collaboaring with other professionals and agencies that work with Early Intervention children and children with therapy needs. They go above and beyond what is required in order to coordinate and communicate with parents, other professionals, etc. through emails, phone calls, and meetings about best ways to serve children with speech/language needs of any age.

Sheila S.

We are so pleased with the quality of the speech therapy our child receives.  Amazingly, his therapist keeps him engaged and motivated to succeed at every visit.  He actually wants to go to his sessions, and more importantly, his improvement has been dramatic. We are thankful that we found such a highly skilled and caring therapist to help him.

Doris M

Why Sidekick?


Why Sidekick?

We are committed to providing high quality speech-language evaluation and therapy services to our clients across Tennessee.

Our staff includes over 80+ speech pathologists, all with their master’s degree and certification by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) or completing their Clinical Fellowship Year.

100% of our speech pathologists have completed a minimum of two years of post-graduate level of study and training in speech pathology and have been awarded a master’s degree.”

We serve children as young as “Birth to 3” in Early Intervention and are the largest provider/vendor for Tennessee Early Intervention Services (TEIS). We also see preschool, school-age children and adults with a variety of speech, language, swallowing, feeding, fluency, voice, auditory and language-processing disorders, and other communication disorders.”

We also offer Occupational Therapy (OT) services!

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